Hollyoaks: The Last Chapter for The Brady’s


Oh man! This week in Hollyoaks has been one of the most fascinating and exciting weeks ever since Hollyoaks has started and its all been down to one man….Mr. Brendan Brady. This week is to be the final week we will see Brendan and Cheryl Brady as they both mark there exits and bow out of Hollyoaks. This storyline has to be one of the best storylines I have ever watched on Hollyoaks and I’ve been watching Hollyoaks for over a decade and a bit now.

So where do I start? Well…Brendan’s days of terrorising the folk of the village, killing vulnerable people and slapping the life and soul out of Ste is over as He leaves Hollyoaks in one of the best ways possible…in jail! Yes, Brendan isn’t dead which begs the question…will he ever return? Probably not but if he does that will be an episode everyone will watch. This storyline between Walker and Brendan has been brewing for sometime now as you guys who watch Hollyoaks might know and it has finally reached ending point. For those of you who haven’t seen Hollyoaks this week I hate to be the spoiler and ruin the plot for you but what fun would it be if you didn’t know?

Walker is dead. Yes that’s right, the ever so suspicious looking Walker is dead and it’s all down to Brendan. See Brendan and Walker had one of the most weakest and funniest fights I’ve ever seen which resulted in Walker beening kicked in front of the train by Brendan. But before all of that had happened, Walker somehow managed to kidnap both Seamus (Brendan’s dad) and Brendan himself and video recorded Seamus admitting that he used to sexual assault Brendan when he was young. The amazing thing about this was Walker got arrested after this and then escaped which resulted in him meeting with Brendan for the fight.


After all that we thought it was all over but oh no it didn’t stop there. Like I said before Walker had recorded Seamus admitting so assaulting Brendan and just before he was kicked in front of the train he somehow magically managed to put the footage on a USB stick and send it special delivery to Cheryl so she finally knows the truth about what Seamus did to Brendan. During this time Cheryl had found the gun that Walker had kicked under the sofa when he was fighting with Brendan in the house. Now while all of this was happening Seamus and Brendan was fighting it out like all Irish men do and let’s just say Seamus was beating the life out of Brendan. Just at that point where Seamus was going to repeat history and sexual assault Brendan one more time, Cheryl walks in and shoots Seamus right in the back.


I know what your thinking? Since when did Cheryl grow such big balls? Well she kinda always had the balls to get in your face but she never really had the balls to shoot someone dead let alone her old man. So…Cheryl shoots Seamus dead and let’s Brendan know that she has found out the truth. Brendan being Brendan trys to tell Cheryl that everything is going to be okay and that he will take the wrap for her but she’s not having it. Brendan finally manages to convince her and just as he does he decides its time to face the music.


Brendan walks to the door of the club, kicks it open and confesses to all the murders he has committed. Just as he is doing this, Cheryl realises that he has taken the gun and given her the bullets from the gun meaning that he had already planned what was going to happen. Ste is downstairs screaming his head of and at that point Brendan whispers the words “in a next life Steven” and shots at the police and SWAT team.


Thursday’s episode had everyone holding there breath as we saw/heard Brendan get shot by the SWAT team. Now I know I wasn’t the only person in the county who though that Brendan was dead. I have to admit, I almost cried. I did, I almost cried. E4 at 7pm couldn’t come quicker because I desperately wanted to know how the last chapter in the Brady book ended. Now for those of you who don’t wanna know click off the page now cause I’m gonna be the one to ruin it for you. Well firstly, Brendan doesn’t die. It turns out the SWAT team just shot him in the arm. Ste demands answers and wants to know what really happened and well you’ve guessed it Cheryl’s big mouth goes and ruins it. She tells Ste everything and Ste demands that he tells the truth just so Brendan can get set free but that doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Brendan tells Ste that he loves him but he has to let him go and Ste just can’t except it. Cheryl breaks up with Nate only to get back with him and they both leave Hollyoaks together with B*Witched playing in the car. Gosh that is so Cheryl. The final scene is of Brendan sitting in the ceil ready to go down. Like I said in the beginning…..fascinating and exciting.

I have really enjoyed Brendan and Cheryl in Hollyoaks. I do hope that one day there characters will return to the village and cause commotion. I have to praise Emmett J Scanlan for his portrayal as Brendan Brady. He is an amazing actor and I hope he wins big at this year British Soap Awards 2013 so go and vote now! #GoodbyeBradys

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