July’s Artist of the Month: J. Cole


Here at Roseberry Productions we like to show appreciation to music and all that comes with it. This month we have chosen J. Cole as our Artist of the Month. I was always a fan of J. Cole’s music. The first time I heard ‘Who Dat’ I liked him. After freshly dropping his new highly anticipated album Born Sinner, my opinion on him as a rapper and a artist changed. His first album Cole World: The Sideline Story was a success and after releasing songs like Work Out, Can’t Get Enough, Lost Ones and Nobody’s Perfect he started to gain respect from the hip hop community which is something the every rapper wants.

As much as I liked Cole Word: The Sideline Story, I didn’t feel like it was J. Cole. It’s clear that being a new artist on a label you have to obey to what they want and say because it’s your first album and it could either do well and be a success or it could flop. That’s why I was patiently waiting for his second album because I knew that he would have control of how artistic the sound and overall image of what the music would sound like. The first single to be officially released off of Born Sinner was Power Trip; a collaboration featuring R&B sensation Miguel. The first time I heard Power Trip I was so impressed. I loved everything about the song. I loved Miguel’s feature, I loved the lyrics and most of all I loved the video. Other songs on the album like Let Nas Down, Forbidden Fruit, Villuminati, Trouble and LAnd of the Snakes really make the album a hit.

My main reasoning for giving J. Cole ‘Artist of the Month’ is because of how impressed I was at Born Sinner. When I listened to the whole album, I couldn’t believe how incredible each song was. Like I previously said, because of the overall sound of his first album I didn’t really think that he would top that but he proved me wrong and he did. Looking at J. Cole 2 years ago and looking at him now he has definitely grown and has proved that he’s not just one of Jay-Z’s artists. Born Sinner is amazing and that’s why I’m giving J. Cole ‘Artist of the Month’.

Check out his videos below:

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