Guilty Pleasure: Being Mary Jane


Oh my god, I love this show. Hands down beside Scandal (which is pretty much the same things a Being Mary Jane) and The Originals, I would say that Being Mary Jane is one of the best shows on TV….PERIOD!!! What is there not to love? Such an amazing cast: Gabrielle Union, Omari Hardwick, Stephen Bishop, Raven Goodwin just to name a few of the actors that make this show great.

So for those of you have don’t have a single clue as to what Being Mary Jane is about let me fill you in. Mary Jane Paul is a news presenter who works for a TV company and is very good and successful at her job. Her work life is one it’s top form but however her love life isn’t. She met Andre (outside of the show) and starts to date him unaware that he is married with children. When she finds out that he has been keeping this from her she kicks him to the curb, tells his wife that she is sleeping with him and decides to start fooling around with her ex David again. In the mist of all this fooling she takes some bad advice from one of her interviewees on her talk show and secretly steals David’s sperm. Mary Jane is once again unaware that David has also being seeing someone else behind Mary Jane’s back and she is at a complete loss. Knowing that she is doing the wrong thing, she goes back to Andre and there affair continues. When she starts to realise that Andre was just the rebound guy for her ex David she dumps Andre and attempts to pursue David again but David has moved on. When one of Mary Jane’s friends tell David about Mary Jane stealing his sperm, he goes round to see Mary Jane only for her to realise that he is all she ever wanted. She confesses her love for him but he declines so in a finale attempt to get what she wants she tries to inseminate herself with the sperm but decides its a bad idea and decides to move on from David for good.

This show has me glued to the TV. I haven’t missed a single episode of the show. Stephen Bishop who plays David is the most sexiest male TV actor I have seen in a long time (even sexier than Harrison from Scandal and Marcel from The Originals). If I had to rate this show I would honestly give it 11/10. If you haven’t seen the show, then you need too.

Even though the season finale which aired this week disappointed the hell out of me, I still love this show. I can relate to this show in so many ways (I’m not talking about her sleeping with the married man part or her stealing her ex’s sperm part either). Seeing another TV show which is being lead by a Black woman is inspiring because it’s not often that Black women or men are cast as lead actors within the film and TV industry.

The worst part  is that it is over for now but don’t worry because Being Mary Jane has been renewed! Word on the Twitter street is that they will start shooting for the second season of Being Mary Jane very soon and apparently Mary Jane might be pregnant with Andre’s baby!!!!!!!!!!! (but this is just a rumour so don’t get to excited).

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