Big Brother 2012

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh and Scott Both Evicted in Double Eviction!

Tonight both Ashleigh and Scott were evicted in Big Brother’s Double Eviction. It was inevitable that Ashleigh was going as she was a clear favorite to leave however Scott leaving was the biggest surprise of the night. Scott was my favorite and I wanted him to win. I was very surprised when Brian called out Scott’s name but at the same time I am happy that Deana, Adam and Luke A have made it through to the final along with Sara and Luke S. Luke S won a pass through to the final when Conor tricked him and pressed the red button and instantly won the £50,000 and had to immediately leave the house.

Sara, Luke A, Adam, Deana and Luke S will find out who will be crowned Big Brother champion of 2012. You can vote for one of them to win online at and find out more details on the website.

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Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh, Becky, Deana and Luke A Face Eviction This Week!

After the rather pleasing and dramatic exit from the most bitchiest and annoying housemate of all time Caroline, this week seems to have gotten more interesting. This week Big Brother decided to give the housemates a well deserving break from nominations and let there friends and family nominate for them instead. As the result shows from above; Ashleigh, Becky, Deana and Luke A will face eviction this week. It is still unknown whether it will be a double eviction or a standard single eviction however I think it’s quite obvious who will stay and who will go.

Since the very beginning of the show Deana and Luke A have been clear favorites to win. We won over the nation when it was publicized that she was clearly being bullied by majority of the housemates in the house. Deana has since remained strong and has been saved from the public everytime she is up for nomination. The lovable and sweet Luke A has also been a clear favorite to win ever since he revealed his past to the housemates. Considering that Deana and Luke A are THE most genuine housemates, it is safe to say that they have a huge chance of being safe this week.

On the other hand, Ashleigh and Becky don’t look so good. Ashleigh; who is clearly playing a game has become public enemy number one after she revealed that she doesn’t even like Luke S and when she snitched on Luke A to Becky. Big mouth Becky is the clear favorite to go this week and I 100% agree with her being voted off. When she first arrived she seemed okay, lovely and fun but ever since Shievonne pointed out that she was an actress things became clear for the public that Becky was a actress. One minute she is #teamoutsiders and the next minute she is #teaminsiders. One word too describe Becky is FAKE. Personally I think that Becky and Ashleigh should go if it’s a double eviction and if it’s a single eviction Becky to Go.

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Big Brother 2012: Nominations Revealed, Shievonne and Conor Face The Public Vote This Week!

We can reveal that Shievonne and Conor will be facing the public vote this week in the Big Brother house. The nominations this weeks comes from and dramatic and intense week as the housemates were separated for BB’s Task: Turf Wars. The house was split into two teams; the Green team and the Blue. The Green team consisted of Adam, Scott, Becky, Luke S, Deana and latest evictee Arron; whilst the Blue team consisted of Conor, Caroline, Sara, Shievonne, Lauren, Luke A and Ashleigh. In the past week each team had to battle against each other to win complete control over certain areas in the house. The Green team won the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen whilst the Blue team won the lounge and the garden. The final task was winning the Diary Room which came with one rule, which ever team wins the Diary Room would be the only team that would nominate this week.

The Blue team chose Luke A to represent them and the Green team chose Adam to represent them. Prior to taking part in the task, Luke A told fellow team member and current BFF Lauren that he was going to fail the task on purpose that the opposite team; which consists of most of his friends win the task and have full access to nominations this week. However, he quickly dropped that plan and went ahead with the task. The Blue team did win the Diary Room task however they had the win revoked from them due to Conor, Caroline and Ashleigh talking about nominations, which is a clear breach of the rules. This meant that the Green team had won the Diary Room task and they were the only housemates that could nominate.

Prior to this task, it was Shievonne’s birthday. Big Brother had rewarded Shievonne and the Blue team with a surprise meal party which had a few surprises. The housemates on the Blue team could pick one housemate that they would ask questions to. Sadly, for the Green team they chose public enemy one two Adam. Adam answered the questions in the worst way possible which angered a few of the housemates such as Conor, Shievonne and Caroline. This outrage quickly turned into a overnight argument between certain housemates.

Since the Green team won the task , the Green members had to nominate today and it turns out that Shievonne and Conor are up for nomination. Who do you think will go?

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Big Brother 2012 EXCLUSIVE: Arron, Deana, Conor and Becky Are Up For Nomination This Week!

Less than an hour ago, it was revealed via Channel 5 and Big Brother that Arron, Deana, Conor and Becky will all be up for eviction this week. Today was nomination day and all housemates were on edge. Considering that each housemate has a grudge against each other, no one looked safe. Basing Deana’s fate on last weeks nominations; it looks very likely that she will be safe this week, however the sun is shining so bright for Conor or Arron. In the last two weeks we have all witness Conor and Arron bully Deana is ways that are totally unacceptable. I’m a bit surprised at the housemates that are up for nomination though.  I would have liked to see Ashleigh, Luke S, Conor and Caroline up for nomination this week. One of the housemates above will be evicted on Friday.

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Big Brother 2012: Lydia is OUT!

Hallelujah! Lydia is OUT! All week everyone has been speculating who would get the boot out of the Big Brother between Lydia and Deana. It comes as no surprise that she got 100% boos by literally everyone. Lydia’s “famous” fiancée Andy Scott-Lee was there to greet her as she left the Big Brother house. During her interview with Brian, Lydia tried to defend herself against the boos and the bitching that she started whilst in the house. None of the housemates seemed upset that she had been evicted and to be honest we can’t blame them. Despite being one of the most hated housemates of all time, we can’t help but admit that she was really entertaining. We won’t miss her as a person but we will miss her bitching ways.

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Big Brother 2012: Lauren & Benedict NOMINATED!

Surprised is only half of what I feel when it comes to this weeks Big Brother nominations. Both Benedict and Lauren are up for eviction this week and one of them will go. Sad but true. I’m extremely curious to find out who nominated Lauren and Benedict as these two are my favourite contestants in the house. I think it’s pretty obvious who voted for Lauren. Ashleigh and Sara. Since they landed in the house it feels like Ashleigh has been gunning for Lauren after mistakenly believing that she likes Luke S.

Its clear as day that both Scott and Caroline nominated Benedict after her revealed his recent sexual activities in the shower. Not only that but Scott and Benedict had a clash last week after having a few too many drinks in the jacuzzi. I’m anxious to see who the other housemates nominated for this week, however I am deeply saddened at the thought of Lauren or Benedict leaving.

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