Big Brother 2013: Secrets and Lies

Big Brother 2013: Secrets and Lies – Gina and Dexter Enter The Secret Room As They Leave The BB House In A Fake Eviction


Big Brother 2013 just keeps getting better and better. Last night we saw the latest twist unravel in the Big Brother house as nominated housemates Gina and Dexter were evicted in a fake eviction. The housemates that were up for the fake eviction this week was Wolfy, Dan, Dexter and Gina. The public had to vote which pair out of Dexter and Gina or Dan and Wolfy they wanted to go into the secret room and they chose Dexter and Gina. The reactions from both Dexter and Gina was priceless especially Dexter’s reaction. Besides Emma revealing that they haven’t actually been evicted, the best part about last night’s show was the audience booing and chanting “GET WOLFY OUT”. This may have come as a bit a surprise to the remaining housemates but the public saw it coming.


Ever since Big Brother revealed that Dan, Wolfy, Gina and Dexter were up for eviction, Wolfy boldy told the other housemates that she felt confident that she wasn’t going and that she knows she will make it to the final and win. It’s clear that she shot herself in the foot with that comment.

Gina and Dexter will return the house in a surprise twist later next week not only that but Gina and Dexter are immune from being nominated and will get to see the other housemates nominations next week.

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