FEATURE: For The Love Of Big Thick Eyebrows


Oh how I love me some big eyebrows. To be fair most people natural assume that having eyebrows is a bad thing but I have to disagree. I personally think that having thicker eyebrows sets the face and gives your eyes a whole new look. In the past, I myself have tried and failed at attempting to achieve fuller looking eyebrows. Thick eyebrows have always been in but of recent supermodel Cara Delevinge  has made eyebrows more fashionable and accessible. Her caterpillar eyebrows have changed the way people look at eyebrows.




Long before I even discovered that you could apply make-up to your eyebrows, I used to find eyebrows the most boring asset on the face. But now I have to admit that I have fallen in love with eyebrows. I’ve tested several eyebrow kits and have found that the one eyebrow kit which I have fallen in love with is MUA’s Eyebrow Kit. The price (which is a bargain) is £3.50. Inside the eyebrow kit you get two brow powders; a light brown and a dark brown, you get a highlight colour and gel. You also get a pair of small tweezers and a two sided brush; one side which is for the powder and one side which is for the gel. My sister who is a complete make-up fanatic introduced me to this product and I’ve been obsessed with it for a while now. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to get that Cara Delevinge look.

Prow brow kit group

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Hollyoaks: The Last Chapter for The Brady’s


Oh man! This week in Hollyoaks has been one of the most fascinating and exciting weeks ever since Hollyoaks has started and its all been down to one man….Mr. Brendan Brady. This week is to be the final week we will see Brendan and Cheryl Brady as they both mark there exits and bow out of Hollyoaks. This storyline has to be one of the best storylines I have ever watched on Hollyoaks and I’ve been watching Hollyoaks for over a decade and a bit now.

So where do I start? Well…Brendan’s days of terrorising the folk of the village, killing vulnerable people and slapping the life and soul out of Ste is over as He leaves Hollyoaks in one of the best ways possible…in jail! Yes, Brendan isn’t dead which begs the question…will he ever return? Probably not but if he does that will be an episode everyone will watch. This storyline between Walker and Brendan has been brewing for sometime now as you guys who watch Hollyoaks might know and it has finally reached ending point. For those of you who haven’t seen Hollyoaks this week I hate to be the spoiler and ruin the plot for you but what fun would it be if you didn’t know?

Walker is dead. Yes that’s right, the ever so suspicious looking Walker is dead and it’s all down to Brendan. See Brendan and Walker had one of the most weakest and funniest fights I’ve ever seen which resulted in Walker beening kicked in front of the train by Brendan. But before all of that had happened, Walker somehow managed to kidnap both Seamus (Brendan’s dad) and Brendan himself and video recorded Seamus admitting that he used to sexual assault Brendan when he was young. The amazing thing about this was Walker got arrested after this and then escaped which resulted in him meeting with Brendan for the fight.


After all that we thought it was all over but oh no it didn’t stop there. Like I said before Walker had recorded Seamus admitting so assaulting Brendan and just before he was kicked in front of the train he somehow magically managed to put the footage on a USB stick and send it special delivery to Cheryl so she finally knows the truth about what Seamus did to Brendan. During this time Cheryl had found the gun that Walker had kicked under the sofa when he was fighting with Brendan in the house. Now while all of this was happening Seamus and Brendan was fighting it out like all Irish men do and let’s just say Seamus was beating the life out of Brendan. Just at that point where Seamus was going to repeat history and sexual assault Brendan one more time, Cheryl walks in and shoots Seamus right in the back.


I know what your thinking? Since when did Cheryl grow such big balls? Well she kinda always had the balls to get in your face but she never really had the balls to shoot someone dead let alone her old man. So…Cheryl shoots Seamus dead and let’s Brendan know that she has found out the truth. Brendan being Brendan trys to tell Cheryl that everything is going to be okay and that he will take the wrap for her but she’s not having it. Brendan finally manages to convince her and just as he does he decides its time to face the music.


Brendan walks to the door of the club, kicks it open and confesses to all the murders he has committed. Just as he is doing this, Cheryl realises that he has taken the gun and given her the bullets from the gun meaning that he had already planned what was going to happen. Ste is downstairs screaming his head of and at that point Brendan whispers the words “in a next life Steven” and shots at the police and SWAT team.


Thursday’s episode had everyone holding there breath as we saw/heard Brendan get shot by the SWAT team. Now I know I wasn’t the only person in the county who though that Brendan was dead. I have to admit, I almost cried. I did, I almost cried. E4 at 7pm couldn’t come quicker because I desperately wanted to know how the last chapter in the Brady book ended. Now for those of you who don’t wanna know click off the page now cause I’m gonna be the one to ruin it for you. Well firstly, Brendan doesn’t die. It turns out the SWAT team just shot him in the arm. Ste demands answers and wants to know what really happened and well you’ve guessed it Cheryl’s big mouth goes and ruins it. She tells Ste everything and Ste demands that he tells the truth just so Brendan can get set free but that doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Brendan tells Ste that he loves him but he has to let him go and Ste just can’t except it. Cheryl breaks up with Nate only to get back with him and they both leave Hollyoaks together with B*Witched playing in the car. Gosh that is so Cheryl. The final scene is of Brendan sitting in the ceil ready to go down. Like I said in the beginning…..fascinating and exciting.

I have really enjoyed Brendan and Cheryl in Hollyoaks. I do hope that one day there characters will return to the village and cause commotion. I have to praise Emmett J Scanlan for his portrayal as Brendan Brady. He is an amazing actor and I hope he wins big at this year British Soap Awards 2013 so go and vote now! #GoodbyeBradys

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Merry Christmas From Everyone Here At Roseberry Productions!


On behalf of everyone who makes blogging for Roseberry Productions seem easy, we just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We hope you all enjoy your Christmas day and it is filled with joy, love and happiness. We hope you all enjoy that well deserved Christmas dinner too.

Hope you have a nice day,

Shakeena Johnson, Creator and C.E.O of Roseberry Productions.

FEATURE: I Want To Live My Life Like A Disney Princess


Every girl wants that ultimate ending…to find there prince charming. Growing up I was obsessed with Disney movies, especially the princesses. I ever so desperately wanted to be like them. Have the beauty, the brains, the friends, the ups and downs, the gowns, the happy endings and the prince charming. I’ve been on this planet for 19 years and not one of these things have come to me which makes me question the reality to a happy ending. Does it exist? Is there such thing? Will anyone ever get that final drop of happiness they we all long for? I look at characters like Belle and Cinderella and hope that’s how my life will turn out. But I’m not stupid nor am I immature.

I thought I was in love once but boy was I wrong. He turned out to be one of those green eyed monsters that your parents read to you when your younger. I think the main question on most female minds is…does prince charming exist? Will I ever find someone who will love me forever and ever? Maybe Disney’s intentions isn’t to trick the female mind. Maybe there intentions is to alert us. But if so why do it in a over-the-top fairytale way? Why not be blunt about it and just say you have to have shit thrown in your face before you can be with the one you long for? It seems to me that Disney princesses have it rather easy. Take Snow White. All she had to do is eat a rotten apple, pass out and lay on her back waiting for a kiss. Seems fairly easy right? If love fell into every girls hands like this I wouldn’t be writing this article! If I could live my life like a Disney princess I fucking would but I can’t.

Hopefully one day my prince charming will come galloping through London and rescue from this shit hole that I currently call my life. Until then I shall continue to dream of becoming a Disney princess…*sighs*

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FEATURE: Beyoncé’s Tumblr Crazy!

You gotta love Beyoncé. No matter what she does or say you gotta love her. Of recent her Tumblr addiction has formed some sort of a internet frenzy amongst everyone. It’s not often that you find a celebrity who is willing to tell a story through pictures of there life. Most celebrities just blurt out whatever they feel is acceptable in the newspapers or in magazines. Beyoncé’s most intimate and personal pictures are featured on her tumblr page. I surprised at some of the pictures considering that she is one of the most secretive celebrities around. You don’t hear anything about her life unless she physically says it. So why I am giving Beyoncé’s tumblr page a feature? Well…last night I took the opportunity to visit Beyoncé’s tumblr page and was totally taken back. Some of the pictures on there tell a thousand story and that’s what excited me about her page. Some of the pictures give you an open detail about her life. The bits that we thought we knew but we clearly had no idea of.

Two of my favorites pictures off her tumblr page are these two (see below):

In most of her pictures family seems like her number one priority. The first picture is her daughter Blue Ivy wearing a Watch The Throne tour dates t-shirt while Beyoncé is feeding her milk. The picture for me is amazing. It was clear from the day that she gave birth to Blue Ivy that things between her, Jay-z and Blue would become very very private. That’s why I like the picture cause it feels like i’m one step closer to her on a deep fan connection. The second picture is of her and her sister Solange. The love that she shares with her sister seems so genuine and real. It seems like no matter how much more success Beyoncé will have over her sister; they will still look out and care for each other. I love Beyoncé. She is so inspirational to all women everywhere.

You can check out her tumblr page: iambeyonce.tumblr.com

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FEATURE: So Proud of Team GB!!!

Over the last 16 days I have never been more prouder to be British. I honestly never thought that Team GB would do so well in the London 2012 Olympics however I was proven wrong so many times. Each time a British Olympian won a medal whether it was gold, silver or bronze; I always cheered for them and sang the national anthem when someone won gold for Team GB. I am proud of all the British athletics especially Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford. I have to say it was inevitable that Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah was going to win something however the biggest surprise for me was Greg Rutherford. After what happened to him at the Beijing Olympics back in 2008, I didn’t even expect him to participate let alone win.

Mr. Mo Farah has now become Britain’s favorite Olympian after he won 2 gold medals in the men’s 5000m race. Jessica Ennis came first in a multiple of events during the women’s heptathlon games. She got the highest points out of all the athletes with 6,955 points instantly putting here first place. Greg Rutherford came first when he scored a impressive 8.31 metres in the long jump tournament. Andy Murray won the men’s singles tournament against Roger Federer who was playing for Switzerland. This made Murray the first British Olympian to win a men’s single tournament at the Summer Olympics.

The Team GB winners include:


Mo Farah – Won Gold for Men’s 5000m and 10,000m Race

Jessica Ennis – Won Gold for Women’s Heptathlon

Greg Rutherford – Won Gold for Men’s Long Jump

Bradley Wiggins – Won Gold for Cycling Road Men’s Individual Time Trial

Luke Campbell – Won Gold for Men’s Bantamweight Boxing

Andy Murray – Won Gold for Men’s Single Tennis

Anthony Joshua – Won Gold for Men’s Super Heavyweight Boxing

Jade Jones – Won Gold for Women’s Taekwondo

Nicola Adams – Won Gold for Women’s Boxing Flyweight

Ed McKeever – Won Gold for 200m Men’s Canoe Sprint Singles Kayak

Sir Chris Hoy – Won Gold for Men’s Cycling Keirin

Charlotte Dujardin – Won Gold for Equestrian Individual Dressage

Laura Trott – Won Gold for Women’s Cycling Omnium

Lauren Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin – Won Gold for Equestrian Team Dressage

Alistair Brownlee – Won Gold for Men’s Triathlon

Jason Kennedy – Won Gold for Men’s Cycling Sprint

Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Scott Brash and Peter Charles – Won Gold for Men’s Equestrian Show Jumping

Ben Ainslie – Won Gold for Men’s Finn Sailing

Laura Trott, Dani King and Joanna Rowsell – Won Gold for Women’s Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit

Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking – Won Gold for Women’s Rowing Lightweight Double Sculls

Andy Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Alex Gregory, Tom James – Won Gold for men’s Rowing Coxless Fours

Victoria Pendleton – Won Gold for Women’s Women Cycling Keirin

Steven Burke, Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas and Peter Kennaugh – Won Gold for Men’s Cycling Team Pursuit Sprint

Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins – Won Gold for Women’s Rowing Double Sculls

Sir Chris Hoy, Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny – Won Gold for Men’s Cycling Team Sprint

Peter Wilson – Won Gold for Men’s Shooting Double Trap

Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott – Won Gold for Men’s C2 Canoe Slalom

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning – Won Gold for Women’s Rowing Pair


Samantha Murray – Won Silver for Women’s Modern Pentathlon

Fred Evans – Won Silver for Men’s Boxing Welterweight

Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark – Won Silver for Women’s 470 Sailing

Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell – Won Silver for Men’s 470 Sailing

Victoria Pendleton – Won Silver for Women’s Cycling Sprint

Nick Dempsey – Won Silver for Men’s RS:X Sailing

Christine Ohuruogu – Won Silver for Women’s 400m Athletics

Andy Murray and Laura Robson – Won Silver for Tennis Mixed Doubles

Louis Smith – Won Silver for Men’s Pommel Horse Gymnastics

Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson – Won Silver for Men’s Star Sailing

Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter – Won Silver for Men’s Lightweight Rowing Double Sculls

Gemma Gibbons – Won Silver for Judo 78kg

David Florence and Richard Hounslow – Won Silver for Men’s Canoe Slalom

Chris Bartley, Richard Chambers, Peter Chambers and Rob Williams – Won Silver for Men’s Lightweight Four Rowing

Michael Jamieson – Won Silver for Men’s 200m Breaststroke Swimming

Tina Cook, William Foxx-Pitt, Mary King, Zara Phillips and Nicola Wilson – Won Silver for Equestrian Team Eventing

Lizzie Armistead – Won Silver for Women’s Road Race Cycling


Tom Daley – Won Bronze for Men’s Diving 10 Metre Platform

Liam Heath and Jon Schofield – Won Bronze for Men’s 200m Kayak Pairs Canoeing

Lutalo Muhammad – Won Bronze for Men’s Taekwondo 80kg

Anthony Ogogo – Won Bronze for Men’s Boxing Middleweight

Alex Danson, Crista Cullen and Sarah Thomas – Won Bronze for Women’s Hockey

Laura Bechtolsheimer – Won Bronze in Equestrian Individual Dressage

Robbie Grabarz – Won Bronze for Men’s Athletics High Jump

Jonny Brownlee – Won Bronze for Men’s Triathlon

Beth Tweedle – Won Bronze for Women’s Uneven Bars Gymnastics

Ed Clancy – Won Bronze for Men’s Omnium Cycling

Max Whitlock – Won Bronze for Men’s Pommel Horse Gymnastics

Rebecca Adlington – Won Bronze for Women’s 800m Swimming Freestyle and 400m

Karina Bryant – Won Bronze for Women’s Judo +78kg

Alan Campbell – Won Bronze for Men’s Rowing Single Sculls

George Nash and Will Satch – Won Bronze for Men’s Rowing Pair

Chris Froome – Won Bronze in Men’s Cycling Individual Time Trial

Egington, Foad, Langridge, Partridge, Ransley, Sbihi, Searle, Louloudist and Hill – Won Bronze for Men’s Eight Rowing

Sam Oldham, Dan Purvis, Louis Smith, Kristian Thomas and Max Whitlock – Won Bronze for Men’s Gymnastics Team

All together we have 29 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 19 bronze. All of the name above won medals for Great Britain and I am VERY VERY VERY PROUD of them!

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