REVIEW: Skins Fire – Part Two


So…the concluding episode to Effy’s story in Skins Fire Part Two continued tonight on E4 and well what can I say. If you read my previous review for the first episode Skins Fire Part One you would know that I wasn’t really feeling the first episode at all. I mean, I did like it but I was a bit disappointed. Because of how occasionally dull I found the first episode, my excite for this episode wasn’t that high but seeing as I am a massive Skins fan I decided to watch it just to see if something good or at least interesting was going to happen. So the episode opened with Naomi’s stand up performance. Once again, I thought it was a genius move. I’m not gonna lie I found myself laughing at one of the jokes. For some reason I find myself being more interested in watching Naomi’s story than Effy’s. Anyway the episode continues on to the appearance of Emily Fitch which might I add I found quite pointless however that being said my face did light up when she came on the screen. It felt nice seeing another old classic character back in Skins; it’s just a shame that most of the other characters couldn’t make an appearance.

So just when it seems that Effy had it, the man, the job and the money; it all falls out of her hands…very predictably. The love affair between Effy and her boss (who’s name I still haven’t learned yet) was very interesting. It was clear that he was going to play her right from the very start and the only person who didn’t see it coming was Effy. The most touching and heartbreaking scenes from this episode was Naomi’s cancer story line. I felt the emotion and the pain of the character and it touched me. To tackle a story line with such pain and heartbreak behind it, I must say I commend Skins for. I felt from early in the episode that Naomi’s character was going to die and I honestly didn’t want her to. The scenes of Naomi laying in the hospital bed looking so ill were good scenes and very heartbreaking.


The episode ended with Effy being fired after all her financial scheming were outed. Although once again I did find myself drifting off especially at the beginning of the episode I must admit that I liked this episode a lot more than the first one. It was emotional and I’m gonna be 100% percent honest when I say that I am gonna miss Effy. Over the last couple years her character has provided me with so much life and even inspired me when I was younger to be a bad ass teenager. I will miss Effy and Naomi and Emily.


Don’t forget to catch the next episode Skins: Pure next week on E4 at 10pm.

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REVIEW: Skins Fire – Part One


The highly anticipated return of the final ever series of Skins premiered tonight on E4 and I have to admit it wasn’t quite what I expected. Skins Fire Part One which sees the return of the legendary character Effy Stonem reveals her current life after we last left her and the gang in Bristol in Series 4. I have to be 100% percent and admit that in the beginning I did find it a bit dull. Being such a Skins fan I thought that they were going to open the episode with someone explosive or at least something eye catching. But no. What I got was Effy walking around London looking nothing but miserable. As the episode continues we see that Effy is working in a dead end stocks and shares job which I found quite confusing to be honest. I’ve been watching Effy since series 1 and if you know anything about Effy you that education wasn’t her forte so the fact that she now has a job in one of the most intellectual and brain-using industries confused me however I have to admit that I liked the fact that she was working in an office (even if it was just an assistant job).

Effy wasn’t just the only old character to resurface in this episode as Naomi (also from series 3 & 4 like Effy) returned to Skins as Effy’s room mate. Out of all the confusing elements to this episode and the story this confused me the most. Since when did Effy and Naomi become ‘so close’ that they end up being room mates? Not only that but when I was watching the episode I felt like the roles had changed. If I remember Naomi from series 3 & 4 she was somewhat sensible and Effy was the ruthless drinking druggie but now I feel like the roles have changed and now Effy is the moderately sensible one and Naomi has become the rebel that Effy used to be. Also, what was with the dancing in the club scenes that appeared every now and then? I didn’t get that all.

The new characters that we are introduced seemed okay. I liked Dominic and I also liked the girl who works in the office with Effy. The ‘not-so-battle’ between Effy and her female boss was a little disappointing. Maybe it’s just me and maybe I just like to see people pump and have rival off but all of those scenes weren’t necessary. Effy’s boss (who by the way I felt looked a bit like a older Freddie from series 3 & 4) was an interesting character. The whole affair situation between Effy and her boss was the only thing currently keeping me interested in the episode. Naomi having cancer was very touching. It was a typical Skins story for me and I liked it. The stand up scene for was A+ amazing. Let’s be honest we all knew that stand-up wasn’t something that Naomi could do.

I know and understand that this series/episodes are meant to display the characters growing up and moving on from the previous life but honestly I would have preferred to see that than what I saw tonight. I did like the episode however I found myself being confused and sometimes switching off throughout the episode. Part 2 which continues next week looks like it’s 10x better than Part 1 and I predict that it is going to be good. I give the episode 3 out 5 stars.


Skins Fire – Part Two continues on the 8th July on E4 at 10pm.

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