Trendy Tuesday Trends

Trendy Tuesday Trends…..Ombré Hair!

My Trendy Tuesday Trend for November is Ombré Hair. I’ve always been an avid lover of Ombré hair way back before most of the celebrities you see today are rocking the look. I love the combination of two colours clashing together and forming a rock crazy styled look. There are so many different ways that you can create the Ombré look and there is also many different colours that you can use to create the look. So many celebrities have styled there hair with the Ombré look. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Rita Ora, Ciara, Mila Kunis, Whitey Port, Ashley Simpson etc. have made the hair style more popular than ever. Even the boys are dabbing in the Ombré style as seen on One Direction’s Zayn Malik. One of my favorite Ombré hairstyles comes courtersy of Drew Barrymore. She practically is the Ombré hair queen. I personally love how she uses her fashion to accentuate the hair.

The reason why I am giving Ombré Hair Trendy Tuesday Trends this month is because I have been longing to my Ombré hair for a very long but have never really got round to it. When I do eventually decided to rock the style, I will definitely take photos and post it on the blog. In the meantime I have added a video tutorial below which I found on YouTube on how to create  Ombré Hair. Enjoy 🙂

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