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The Apprentice 2013: Leah Totton Wins The Apprentice 2013


Leah Totton has been crowned The Apprentice 2013 after she beat runner up Luisa Zissman to become Lord Sugar’s new business partner. In tonight’s intense episode we saw Leah’s business plan which is to set up a medical clinic for pop in cosmetic surgery overshadow Luisa’s business plan which was to start up a baker company. In this episode we also saw the return of several popular ex candidates like Alex, Myles, Uzma and Jason. They helped both Luisa and Leah start up there company and helped prepare them for there every so important pitches. In the end, Lord Sugar chose to invest £250,000 into Leah’s business.

Congratulations Leah!

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REVIEW: Skins Fire – Part Two


So…the concluding episode to Effy’s story in Skins Fire Part Two continued tonight on E4 and well what can I say. If you read my previous review for the first episode Skins Fire Part One you would know that I wasn’t really feeling the first episode at all. I mean, I did like it but I was a bit disappointed. Because of how occasionally dull I found the first episode, my excite for this episode wasn’t that high but seeing as I am a massive Skins fan I decided to watch it just to see if something good or at least interesting was going to happen. So the episode opened with Naomi’s stand up performance. Once again, I thought it was a genius move. I’m not gonna lie I found myself laughing at one of the jokes. For some reason I find myself being more interested in watching Naomi’s story than Effy’s. Anyway the episode continues on to the appearance of Emily Fitch which might I add I found quite pointless however that being said my face did light up when she came on the screen. It felt nice seeing another old classic character back in Skins; it’s just a shame that most of the other characters couldn’t make an appearance.

So just when it seems that Effy had it, the man, the job and the money; it all falls out of her hands…very predictably. The love affair between Effy and her boss (who’s name I still haven’t learned yet) was very interesting. It was clear that he was going to play her right from the very start and the only person who didn’t see it coming was Effy. The most touching and heartbreaking scenes from this episode was Naomi’s cancer story line. I felt the emotion and the pain of the character and it touched me. To tackle a story line with such pain and heartbreak behind it, I must say I commend Skins for. I felt from early in the episode that Naomi’s character was going to die and I honestly didn’t want her to. The scenes of Naomi laying in the hospital bed looking so ill were good scenes and very heartbreaking.


The episode ended with Effy being fired after all her financial scheming were outed. Although once again I did find myself drifting off especially at the beginning of the episode I must admit that I liked this episode a lot more than the first one. It was emotional and I’m gonna be 100% percent honest when I say that I am gonna miss Effy. Over the last couple years her character has provided me with so much life and even inspired me when I was younger to be a bad ass teenager. I will miss Effy and Naomi and Emily.


Don’t forget to catch the next episode Skins: Pure next week on E4 at 10pm.

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Samantha Womack is RETURNING to EastEnders!!!


Yes, yes, yes! Samantha Womack is returning to Eastenders. Samantha who plays wild child Ronnie Mitchell will be returning back to Albert Square. Samantha who left the show two years ago because of the controversial storyline involving her character Ronnie stealing Kat & Alfie Moon’s baby is set to return for a six month stint. This news has been speculating for sometime now but finally it has been confirmed. It’s unknown when exactly she will return to the show but it has been 100% confirmed that she is returning.

I’m pretty sure everyone is excited as Ronnie’s character was very popular on the BBC’s hit soap. I dunno about you guys but I’m excited to see her return!

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Made in Chelsea Returns on Monday 15th October!!!!!!

Made in Chelsea returns next week Monday and it’s about god damn time! Oh how I have missed Spencer, Binky, Gaby, Mark Francis & Jamie. Last time we saw these guys Jamie and Spencer fell out over a girl and then made up again, Hugo got a new girl friend and left the show, Caggie was still missing as she left, Kimberley had new enemies with Binky and Cheska and Olly was unsure about his sexuality. Only god knows what will happen in the new series but what ever it is we can’t wait. Unlike TOWIE, Made in Chelsea feels more real. I don’t know about you guys but i’d rather watcher MIC than TOWIE. Most of your favorite characters return except for Hugo and Caggie. Spencer, who recently did The Bachelor returns weirdly enough with Louise. This baffles me considering that they broke up at the end of the last series. Made in Chelsea returns Monday 15th at 10pm on E4.

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TV Review: Once Upon A Time Season 1 Finale

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Once Upon a Time and less than an hour a go the season finale to Once Upon a Time left me speechless as the dramatic effects of the past series came to an interesting end. It thrilled to me so so much. Nothing disappointed me at all. So where do I start…hmm…If you’ve been glued to this series like I have you will know exactly what the show is about. For those of you who don’t know let me give you a brief intro as to what the show is all about. It’s based around fairytale character being torn real life by a book. The season finale definitely lived up to the expectation. There was a death, a resurrection, magic, Rumpelstiltskin, love, a kiss and a curse being lifted. The events didn’t actually go in that order but you get what I mean.

I have to admit I was quite surprised with amazing graphics that was displayed in today’s season finale. The scene where Emma had to kill/fight the dragon who’s face we never saw was quite interesting. The graphics on the dragon’s body was amazing especially when Emma through the sword and it went straight through the dragon. Also, the purple mist that came from the well when Rumpelstiltskin drop the purple magic down it was very beautiful to watch.

The whole series including the season finale is getting a 10/10 from me. At first I was a bit skeptical ABC producing something like this only because ABC hasn’t really had any good shows besides Desperate Housewives and Modern Family. I can’t wait for Season 2. Unfortunately for me and everyone else in the UK we have to wait till 2013 to watch however Series 2 comes out in September in the US.

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Hollyoaks: Who Killed Lynsey?

Yesterday Hollyoaks shocked the world when the shock death of Lynsey Nolan was revealed. The events leading didn’t quite add up to the shock death yesterday. Lovable Lynsey Nolan became the latest death victim in Chester and the question hot on everyone’s lips who killed Lynsey?

There are 6 suspects at hand in this case. Mercedes, Ally, Walker, Will, Sampson and of course Mr. Evil himself Silas. It has been confirmed that Silas will be returning to Hollyoaks within the next few weeks and at this point everyone is convinced its him who killed Lynsey.

Lynsey was found dead by Brendan who had just saved Joel from a fake grenade. Before all of this took place, Lynsey discovered that Mercedes was Mitzeee’s stalker and threatened to tell Riley the truth. Her last footsteps before her mystery death saw her arrange to book a holiday to Portugal with Carmel and Cheryl.

Lynsey death rocked the UK and Hollyoaks even became the top trending topic on Twitter with everyone talking about the shock death. Actress Karen Hassan took to her Twitter to thank the Hollyoaks fans for supporting and loving her character of the past two years. Her fellow cast members praised her as a person as well as a actress. It’s undeniable to say that we will miss Lynsey Nolan!

So who do you think killed Lynsey? Who’s to blame for the death of Hollyoaks’ most lovable character? Vote in the poll below.

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