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Idiot of the Week: Lucy Mecklenburgh

Yes, Idiot of the Week this is going out to TOWIE cast member Lucy Mecklenburgh. You know that saying ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, well it clearly doesn’t apply to Lucy because it seems that all she has been doing over the last couple months is trash talking about Amy Childs. Now, if you live in the UK and have been watching TOWIE since the beginning you would know that they reason why the show is such a huge success is because of Amy Childs and Mark Wright. Now according to Lucy, Amy doesn’t deserve the recognition of making the show a huge hit.

Lucy blasted Miss Amy Childs this week when she was reported saying “there is no space left on the show for Amy to come back. The show as well as the other cast members have moved on since she left back in season 2. Amy coming back will mess up the programme”. That comment alone is the reason why I’m giving Lucy; Idiot of the Week. I don’t understand why she feels the need to bash Amy Childs off. Let’s all be honest, if it wasn’t for Amy the show wouldn’t be a famous and huge as it is today. People like Mark, Lauren G, Amy and Harry made the show. All the fashion and the catch phrases was down to them. Let’s not forget how Lucy first came into the show anyway. She came in as Mark’s sideline girlfriend. Lucy girl, you can not go around talking trash about the originals cause that doesn’t sit down well with anyone.

Not only was she bashing Amy by saying that she doesn’t think she should come back to the show, Lucy also dissed Amy by claiming that Amy’s jewelery line is much cheaper and chav than hers. Lucy you need to remember how you came into the show and who made the show a huge success that it is today. Don’t start trouble Lucy if you can’t finish it. Amy Childs has not yet commented back on the rude comments that Lucy made. I am giving; Lucy Idiot of the Week purely because she is out of order. Simple.

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