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THIS WEEK’S NEWS: Glee Star Cory Monteith Dies, Danny O’Donoghue Leaves The Voice UK, Azealia Banks & Lily Allen Have A Twitter War and Daley Ojuederie Is Removed From The Big Brother House


Firstly, it’s been a very sad week for Glee fans all over the world as Glee star Cory Monteith died from a mixed drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol. This news comes as a huge shock to the entire world as his death was so unexpected. Cory, who played Finn Hudson on Glee was found dead at a hotel in Canada. His on-screen and off-screen girlfriend Lea Michelle has asked for some privacy during this hard time. Loads of celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and the Glee cast and crew took to Twitter to pay tribute to the actor. Glee just won’t be the same with Finn Hudson and our prayers go out to his family and his friends through this hard time. We will miss you, R.I.P Cory Monteith.


In other news, another judge from The Voice UK has announced there departure. The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue has announced that he will not be returning to season 3 of The Voice UK. Danny won The Voice UK this year when his act Andrea beat the nation’s favourite Leah McFall to be crowned The Voice UK 2013. Earlier this month, pop sensation Jessie J announced that she also is departing from The Voice UK because she wants to focus more on her music career and up-and-coming tour. No statements have been made on whether or not fellow judges and Sir Tom Jones will also be returning. We will miss the weekly denim on denim Danny!


She’s at it again. Big mouth hip hop princess Azealia Banks has started another Twitter war and this time her victim was Lily Allen. The arguments between them started when Azealia made a comment about a certain celebrity getting plastic surgery to compete against her in which as fan referred Azealia to one of Lily’s old tweet from 2013. Azealia quickly fired back to this ancient tweet calling Lily’s children ugly and calling het husband a thumb. Lily fired back to Azealia by pointing out that she is a one hit wonder and is a wannabe. We here at Roseberry Productions are completely fed up of Azealia’s constant antics and from this point onwards refuse to write any articles on her until her behavior has changed.


And finally, this week in Big Brother has been very very entertaining as housemate Daley Ojuederie was removed from the Big Brother house after showing aggressive behavior to fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan. Daley verbally abused Hazel in a playful way however he took it a tad to far when he put his hands around Hazel’s neck. The rest of the Big Brother housemates were completely shocked when they learned that Daley has been removed from the housemate permanently and would not be returning. Hazel received a warning from Big Brother stating that her behavior was also unacceptable as she slapped Daley’s bum and pulled down his pants live on air. Also this week Callum, Dexter, Gina, Jackie and the twins Jack and Joe face the public vote this week.

And that is this week’s news.

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Idiot(s) of the Week: Azealia Banks and Angel Haze


Yes, Idiot of the week this week is being served to Azealia Banks (again) and Angel Haze. If you don’t know these two have been exchanging rather unpleasant words with each other over Twitter about a tweet that Azealia tweeted in which Angel Haze thought she was talking about her. Now I’ve already had to give Azealia Idiot of the Week once before and I’m a little disappointed as I thought that she would have at least learned something. I do love it when celebrities get into Twitter wars with other celebrities however this war is pointless.

It all started when Azealia who is a born and raised new yorker tweeted “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER”. Angel mistakenly took the tweet in the wrong way and instantly thought that Azealia was subliminally talking about her in regards to Angel Haze’s 2012 song New York. So Angel did what most ignorant people do and decided to respond to Azealia.

It seemed that Azealia had met her match with Angel as she started to tear Azealia a new asshole with her tweets. Angel replied to Azealia’s tweet with multiple responses as you can see below.


Azealia didn’t take to kindly to Angel dissing her over Twitter and thought back with the star. Azealia continued to respond back to Angel with tweets like “@angelhaze hahahaa.. i see ur TL… first off… NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU. second off…. weren’t you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my pu**y and sh*t… ??? third off…. you are not from new york. lol so whats the problem with me now? are you mad i rejected your sexual advances? Angel Haze has a crush on me. Thats it. Case Closed.”

Shortly after this Angel released a diss track to Azealia online. Of course being the immature kids that they are, Azealia then released a diss track back at Angel. Somehow, I’m not sute but Internet blogger Perez Hilton got involved which resulted to Azealia offending Perez by using the word ‘faggot’. A couple of Azealia’s celebrities friends were backing up Azealia’s corner like supermodel Cara Delevingne who tweeted “Don’t fuck with @azealiabanks”.

I find this whole story stupid on so many levels. Are you two serious beefing over something this small? We haven’t even been in 2013 for a whole week yet and you guys are threatening each other and making diss records already?! I don’t care for both of these guys because their both as irrelevant as each other. I’m giving both of them idiot of the week this week because this be some bullshit.

Azealia, like I told you before less Twitter wars and more music and as for Angel Haze, nobody even knows who you are. Angel if you want some advice, get some fans first and make more music before you start dissing someone who’s career is bigger than you face. I’m not on any side but what side are you on? #TeamAngelHaze or #TeamAzealiaBanks?

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September’s Artist of the Month: Azealia Banks


Here at Roseberry Productions we like to show appreciation to music and all that comes with it. This month we have chosen Azealia Banks as our Artist of the Month. The Harlem rapper has slowly changed my opinion on her as she has let her music do the talking of recent rather than her ranting on Twitter. ‘212’, which is Azealia’s biggest hit to date broke onto the scene back in December 2011.

When I first heard the song I have to admit I didn’t really like it. I grew on me though. After about a month of being forced to listen to the song I found myself liking the song and Azealia herself.

Besides her Twitter ranting which I gave her Idiot of the Week for; her music has grown on me as I found myself becoming a fan of her EP ‘1991’ and her mixtape ‘Fantasea’. Songs like ‘Luxury’, ‘L8R’, ‘Liquorice’ and ‘Van Vogue’ are on constant repeat. Azealia was tipped by BBC Sound Poll to be a huge star in 2012/13 and they couldn’t have been more right. Her recent video ‘1991’ has had everyone talking about it. Her unique rapping style and clothing choices has definitely pushed her forward. As long as she continues to push forward with her music, she definitely had the support from us!

Check out her videos below:
Azealia Banks – 212

Azealia Banks – Liquorice

Azealia Banks – L8R

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Idiot of the Week – Azealia Banks

Yes, Idiot of the Week this week goes to Azealia Banks. No disrespect to Azealia because I do like her and her music HOWEVER all this Twitter wars and rants that she has been starting over the last couple months has been rather annoying. The first victim that Azealia Banks claimed as a rival is Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. This beef which steamed from nothing has been a highlight of both of there careers. Azealia’s was pissed off at Iggy for two reasons:

  1. Iggy Azalea rapped the words “Runway Slave Master” in one of her songs
  2. Iggy Azalea was included in XXL’s Freshman list 2012 and Azealia was not

Not only did this beef involves Iggy, it also involved her boss T.I. He took to Power 105.1’s hit show “The Breakfast Club” to express his anger and frustration at Azealia running off at the mouth. T.I. called the feud stupid and petty and said that Azealia needs to grow up. Think he’s quite right there.

Her second victim was female rapper Kreayshawn. At the beginning of the year Kreayshawn tweeted some of Azealia’s lyrics from her hit song “212” on Twitter which included a explicit link from the porn website This didn’t settle well with Azealia and she responded to her the way she knew how…TWITTER! The argument went a little something like this (read the images below):

The third victim was Lil’ Kim. Azealia had “apparently” asked Lil’ Kim to feature on a song and when Azealia offered to write Lil’ Kim’s lyrics for her Lil’ Kim firmly declined the chance to work with Azealia. This ignited a flame in Azealia and cause her to yet again open her mouth and start a feud with Lil’ Kim. When Lil’ Kim was interviewed by Power 105.1’s morning segment ‘The Breakfast Club’, Lil’ Kim replied to these rumors by saying “that she had never seen or spoken to this girl a day in her life”. This is the point were I started to think that something wasn’t right with Azealia. You can read her rant about Lil’ Kim in the images below:

Her fourth victim was Nicki Minaj. Azealia went to Twitter and told all her fans that Nicki Minaj had asked to join her on her Pink Friday tour as a guest however she had to decline Nicki’s offer because she was busy finishing off her debut album. Now Nicki Minaj didn’t exactly reply directly to what Azealia however Nicki did reply with this (check the image below):

Her most current victim is hip hop rapper Jim Jones. Azealia tweeted her personal definition of the word ‘VAMP’. So irrelevant man named Rahiem decided to included Jim Jones in his next tweet were he told Azealia that Jim Jones invented that term and she should stop using it as her own. This then blew up and some not nice words were thrown back and fourth between Azealia and Jim. The argument ended up getting a bit to serious when Jim Jones called Azealia a two-bit slore. Ouch!!! Check it out below:

Honestly, someone needs to get hold of Azealia’s Twitter account and shut it down. I am tried of hearing about her wars and beefs with various celebrities. If Azealia carries on she is gonna be known for being that chick who had one song and several fights with celebs more famous than herself. I don’t know maybe Azealia likes arguing but she really needs to close her mouth and focus on her music and bring out something for people to remember her by cause currently at this very moment she is known more for her arguing than her talent and music. I do not want to hear another feud between Azealia and another celebrity otherwise I am giving her IDIOT OF THE YEAR!!!!

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