Guilty Pleasure: Being Mary Jane


Oh my god, I love this show. Hands down beside Scandal (which is pretty much the same things a Being Mary Jane) and The Originals, I would say that Being Mary Jane is one of the best shows on TV….PERIOD!!! What is there not to love? Such an amazing cast: Gabrielle Union, Omari Hardwick, Stephen Bishop, Raven Goodwin just to name a few of the actors that make this show great.

So for those of you have don’t have a single clue as to what Being Mary Jane is about let me fill you in. Mary Jane Paul is a news presenter who works for a TV company and is very good and successful at her job. Her work life is one it’s top form but however her love life isn’t. She met Andre (outside of the show) and starts to date him unaware that he is married with children. When she finds out that he has been keeping this from her she kicks him to the curb, tells his wife that she is sleeping with him and decides to start fooling around with her ex David again. In the mist of all this fooling she takes some bad advice from one of her interviewees on her talk show and secretly steals David’s sperm. Mary Jane is once again unaware that David has also being seeing someone else behind Mary Jane’s back and she is at a complete loss. Knowing that she is doing the wrong thing, she goes back to Andre and there affair continues. When she starts to realise that Andre was just the rebound guy for her ex David she dumps Andre and attempts to pursue David again but David has moved on. When one of Mary Jane’s friends tell David about Mary Jane stealing his sperm, he goes round to see Mary Jane only for her to realise that he is all she ever wanted. She confesses her love for him but he declines so in a finale attempt to get what she wants she tries to inseminate herself with the sperm but decides its a bad idea and decides to move on from David for good.

This show has me glued to the TV. I haven’t missed a single episode of the show. Stephen Bishop who plays David is the most sexiest male TV actor I have seen in a long time (even sexier than Harrison from Scandal and Marcel from The Originals). If I had to rate this show I would honestly give it 11/10. If you haven’t seen the show, then you need too.

Even though the season finale which aired this week disappointed the hell out of me, I still love this show. I can relate to this show in so many ways (I’m not talking about her sleeping with the married man part or her stealing her ex’s sperm part either). Seeing another TV show which is being lead by a Black woman is inspiring because it’s not often that Black women or men are cast as lead actors within the film and TV industry.

The worst part  is that it is over for now but don’t worry because Being Mary Jane has been renewed! Word on the Twitter street is that they will start shooting for the second season of Being Mary Jane very soon and apparently Mary Jane might be pregnant with Andre’s baby!!!!!!!!!!! (but this is just a rumour so don’t get to excited).

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Idiot(s) of the Week: Fox Network and BET Network

Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is being nicely dished out to FOX Network and BET Network. Over the past week, the ghetto-ism that has been happening at both FOX and BET is despicable. For those of you who don’t know, on Saturday night BET held there BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 and the going ons between the rappers in the stadium was unacceptable to say the least. It was reported that rapper Rick Ross and rapper Young Jeezy had a run in which led to fighting and gunshots being thrown in the parking lot. The fight got so bad that other rappers like Gunplay who works for Rick Ross started getting involved in the fight. Other G-Unit members were seen shooting at Rick Ross’ people in the parking lot. What baffles me is that BET would allow something like this to happening. Why would you put two badass rappers in the same damn room at the same damn time and not expect something to pop off??? Not only is this fight stupid and petty but the fact that BET even let these rappers enter the building with guns in a joke!

The latest bitch war between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey is the reason why I am including FOX in Idiot of the Week. It was clear from the beginning that these two divas were not gonna get along. Yesterday, TMZ released a video of Nicki Minaj threatening to knock out Mariah because she is tired of the bitchiness and jabs that Mariah keeps taking at her. You would think that a network like FOX would warn these superstars to tame themselves whilst on camera and in front of the contestants. But no….instead of doing that, some knob head decides to record the argument and post it to TMZ. We all know that fights on TV is what we all live for but surely someone at FOX would have enough sense to stop the argument. If you watch the video, Nicki goes in on Mariah for a whole 55 seconds. Do you know how much word damage could be done in 55 seconds???

I can’t believe that these networks are allowing these people to do dumb shit like this. Whatever happened to working PROFESSIONALLY and getting on with each other. No one says that they have to be BFF’s but just act like you got some sense and as for the people who actually work at FOX and BET…..get a new job cause you clearly don’t understand your current job and that is why BET and Fox are getting Idiot of the Week!

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Guilty Pleasure: The Wendy Williams Show

Everybody has a guilty pleasure especially when it comes to TV shows. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the Wendy Williams show. I can not get enough of this show and every time it comes on I just have to watch it. I never miss an episode of the Wendy Williams show. My tiny obsession with the show started back in 2009 when I first discovered the show on BET. At first I just thought that it was another female chat show like Oprah, Ellen and Monique. So I started watching a few episodes and initially thought that it was okay but after a while I found myself panicking every time I missed a Wendy Williams episode.

Being from London, Wendy Williams isn’t really known over her like Oprah and Ellen. I decided to do my research on Wendy and see what she’s about. To my surprise she was much more than just a TV show host. She’s a radio personality, a DJ and an occasional actress. When I first saw Wendy, I’m gonna be honest I generally thought that she was a man in drag.

One thing that I love about the Wendy Williams show is Wendy’s Hot Topics. I am a sucker for her hot topics and everything and everyone has to be extremely quite in my house when she’s doing her hot topics. I guess it’s the fact that she tells it how it is that attracts me to her show. If a certain celebrity is acting like a fool, Wendy will definitely tell them they are acting like a fool! And that’s what I love. Plus I love it when she brings her friends like that chef that is always cooking on her show and Ben Lyons and people like that.

This blog post wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention the one thing about Wendy and her show that everyone has heard and said themselves once in a while. “HOW U DOIN!”. I have to admit I often find myself saying “HOW U DOIN” when she comes on my TV screen.

I love the Wendy Williams show and I hope that you guys watch it as well. If you want to express any of your feelings about what you think of her show feel free to tell me at the bottom. Remember if you live in the UK you can catch on BET every weeknight at 9pm.

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