THIS WEEK’S NEWS: Glee Star Cory Monteith Dies, Danny O’Donoghue Leaves The Voice UK, Azealia Banks & Lily Allen Have A Twitter War and Daley Ojuederie Is Removed From The Big Brother House


Firstly, it’s been a very sad week for Glee fans all over the world as Glee star Cory Monteith died from a mixed drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol. This news comes as a huge shock to the entire world as his death was so unexpected. Cory, who played Finn Hudson on Glee was found dead at a hotel in Canada. His on-screen and off-screen girlfriend Lea Michelle has asked for some privacy during this hard time. Loads of celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and the Glee cast and crew took to Twitter to pay tribute to the actor. Glee just won’t be the same with Finn Hudson and our prayers go out to his family and his friends through this hard time. We will miss you, R.I.P Cory Monteith.


In other news, another judge from The Voice UK has announced there departure. The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue has announced that he will not be returning to season 3 of The Voice UK. Danny won The Voice UK this year when his act Andrea beat the nation’s favourite Leah McFall to be crowned The Voice UK 2013. Earlier this month, pop sensation Jessie J announced that she also is departing from The Voice UK because she wants to focus more on her music career and up-and-coming tour. No statements have been made on whether or not fellow judges will.i.am and Sir Tom Jones will also be returning. We will miss the weekly denim on denim Danny!


She’s at it again. Big mouth hip hop princess Azealia Banks has started another Twitter war and this time her victim was Lily Allen. The arguments between them started when Azealia made a comment about a certain celebrity getting plastic surgery to compete against her in which as fan referred Azealia to one of Lily’s old tweet from 2013. Azealia quickly fired back to this ancient tweet calling Lily’s children ugly and calling het husband a thumb. Lily fired back to Azealia by pointing out that she is a one hit wonder and is a wannabe. We here at Roseberry Productions are completely fed up of Azealia’s constant antics and from this point onwards refuse to write any articles on her until her behavior has changed.


And finally, this week in Big Brother has been very very entertaining as housemate Daley Ojuederie was removed from the Big Brother house after showing aggressive behavior to fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan. Daley verbally abused Hazel in a playful way however he took it a tad to far when he put his hands around Hazel’s neck. The rest of the Big Brother housemates were completely shocked when they learned that Daley has been removed from the housemate permanently and would not be returning. Hazel received a warning from Big Brother stating that her behavior was also unacceptable as she slapped Daley’s bum and pulled down his pants live on air. Also this week Callum, Dexter, Gina, Jackie and the twins Jack and Joe face the public vote this week.

And that is this week’s news.

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REVIEW: Skins Fire – Part Two


So…the concluding episode to Effy’s story in Skins Fire Part Two continued tonight on E4 and well what can I say. If you read my previous review for the first episode Skins Fire Part One you would know that I wasn’t really feeling the first episode at all. I mean, I did like it but I was a bit disappointed. Because of how occasionally dull I found the first episode, my excite for this episode wasn’t that high but seeing as I am a massive Skins fan I decided to watch it just to see if something good or at least interesting was going to happen. So the episode opened with Naomi’s stand up performance. Once again, I thought it was a genius move. I’m not gonna lie I found myself laughing at one of the jokes. For some reason I find myself being more interested in watching Naomi’s story than Effy’s. Anyway the episode continues on to the appearance of Emily Fitch which might I add I found quite pointless however that being said my face did light up when she came on the screen. It felt nice seeing another old classic character back in Skins; it’s just a shame that most of the other characters couldn’t make an appearance.

So just when it seems that Effy had it, the man, the job and the money; it all falls out of her hands…very predictably. The love affair between Effy and her boss (who’s name I still haven’t learned yet) was very interesting. It was clear that he was going to play her right from the very start and the only person who didn’t see it coming was Effy. The most touching and heartbreaking scenes from this episode was Naomi’s cancer story line. I felt the emotion and the pain of the character and it touched me. To tackle a story line with such pain and heartbreak behind it, I must say I commend Skins for. I felt from early in the episode that Naomi’s character was going to die and I honestly didn’t want her to. The scenes of Naomi laying in the hospital bed looking so ill were good scenes and very heartbreaking.


The episode ended with Effy being fired after all her financial scheming were outed. Although once again I did find myself drifting off especially at the beginning of the episode I must admit that I liked this episode a lot more than the first one. It was emotional and I’m gonna be 100% percent honest when I say that I am gonna miss Effy. Over the last couple years her character has provided me with so much life and even inspired me when I was younger to be a bad ass teenager. I will miss Effy and Naomi and Emily.


Don’t forget to catch the next episode Skins: Pure next week on E4 at 10pm.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Gets Renewed For A Sixth Season!


Woohoo! Yes, Bravo’s most talked about and watched show The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been renewed for a sixth season following the success of season 5. It has been reported that all of the housewives (minus Kim Zolciak who of course mad her dramatic exit mid way of season 5) will be returning as it has been reported that they have signed new contracts to return for season 6. The star of the show Ms. Nene Leakes soon to be Mrs. Leakes again when she marries her ex-Gregg Leakes for a second time will be returning to the real housewives to give us more drama and make us laugh more than ever. Season 5’s most talked about export Miss USA herself, Miss Kenya Moore is reported to be returning after bosses were impressed with her this season and definitely wanna bring her back. Phaedra and her fine ass husband Apollo are reported to be returning also after this season we saw a mini love triangle blossom and the die quicker than water falling from a tree between Phaedra, Apollo and Kenya. The most boring housewife of the all Cynthia (no disrespect) is returning and only god knows why and finally the all singing and dancing beauty Miss Kandi is also returning.

If season 6 is anything like Season 5 then i’m sure we will all be tuning into watch.

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Beyoncé Is The New Face of H&M!


Beyoncé is making a comeback and not just with her music. H&M revealed that Beyoncé is the new face of there brand new summer time swimwear line. The swimwear line which is supposed to be released sometime in May will feature brand new fashion styles which is strictly to be worn at summer time. It was reported some time back that Beyoncé had shot these promotional pictures in the Bahamas for H&M. It has also been reported that Beyoncé herself has designed some of the pieces in the summer line herself. We cannot wait to see the line!

Last week Beyoncé released a snippet of some of her new music; two songs called Bow Down/I Been On which supposedly is going to feature on the new album which will be released later in 2013. Listen to the snippet of the songs below:

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Girls Aloud CONFIRM Split!!!

The Brit Awards 2009 - Show

Ladies and gentlemen, we all saw it coming…Girls Aloud have CONFIRMED that they are splitting up! Last night saw the final night of there Ten tour in which the girls revealed that they are breaking up…for good. It only seems like yesterday when Kimberley, Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah were all put together to form one of the UK’s biggest girl band. In the past ten years they have had so much success; getting a number one singles, top 10’s, number one albums, sold out tours and a footballer who turned out to be a lying cheating rat! Over the last years, we have laughed with them, cried with them and danced with them but now it is finally time to say goodbye to Girls Aloud.

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