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Idiot of the Week: Keyshia Cole


Yes idiot of the week this week is going out to Keyshia Cole. Now firstly, let it be said that I do like Keyshia Cole. I like her music and you know I used to be a fan of her TV on BET. But at this current moment I am not a fan of Keyshia Cole’s mouth and that is because she has been…let’s call it what it is ‘HATING’ on King Bey aka Beyoncé. Now if you don’t know this story imma take you back, all the way back to February because that’s when this beef between Keyshia and Beyoncé started.

As we all know Beyoncé performed at the halftime show and my girl Bey killed it. Now Keyshia started going on a little Twitter rant during the Superbowl halftime performing stating that fellow Destiny’s Child member Michelle was fucking up the groove of the show. Keyshia got targeted by a lot of people on Twitter, some were Beyoncé fans and the others were just normal folk. They slated Keyshia for dissing Michelle stating that she was just jealous of Michelle.

Now, flash forward to this week. As everyone is aware Beyoncé previewed a snipped of two of her up-and-coming songs off her new album which is set to be released this year and the songs were Bow Down/I Been On. Now the responses from a lot of people were rather negative claiming that the song was not a Beyoncé song and some even stated that her swearing in the song was inappropriate. Now everybody had there fair share of ranting about the song but little old Keyshia Cole had a lot to say. She tweeted “Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk sh*t when convenient 2,”.

Now, why Keyshia felt the need to take to Twitter again and talk about Beyoncé is beyond me. Firstly, it’s just a song. People are being to melodramatic about this song. Beyoncé is her own person and her own artist, she can write and sing what ever the hell she wants. Keyshia….listen boo, your career is just as irrelevant as you. Ain’t nobody checking for you right now. Don’t hate on someone else just to get attention. Okay so the song isn’t Beyoncé’s best song and it isn’t her worst but at the same time why do you care?

Keyshia Cole needs to learn to mind her own. Don’t feel threatened by a song that might not even be about you. Focus on getting your music back in the charts and I’m not just talking the 106 & Park countdown charts I’m talking the actual billboard charts. I can’t with Keyshia no more. She deserved this idiot of the week.

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Idiot of the Week: Amanda Bynes


Yes, idiot of the week this week is going out to the Lindsay Lohan wannabe Amanda Bynes. I almost died of shock this morning when I woke up and saw that Amanda had tweeted a picture of Jay-Z’s face accompanied by the tweet “Ugly Face @S_C”. She later did what all celebrities do and deleted the tweet. It would seem she ain’t such a badass after all.

Something is forcing me to believe that she did this just for the publicity. She knows that right now everyone is still babbling on about Lindsay Lohan and she couldn’t take it she decided to pick on someone and that person was Jay-Z. Now this the second time that I’ve had to give Amanda idiot of the week which let’s me know that she didn’t listen or take ny advice first time round. Amanda, if you wanna live long enough in Hollywood to see your career get back to what it used to be then firstly you need to respect people. Respect the people who respect you and whether or not they tell you that you should just respect them anyway.

You don’t disrespect the man who could possibly end your how career. You just don’t and that’s why your getting Idiot of the Week. Think before you act, Amanda!

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Idiot of the Week: Rihanna


Yes another Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Rihanna. Now this is not the first time that I have had to give out Idiot of the Week twice in one week but you know some idiots just write themselves. Rihanna is getting idiot of the week this week not for something she said but for something she’s done. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls……….Rihanna has take back Chris Brown. Now I have to be honest because this subject is a very sore subject to touch on but I really feel like I need to voice my opinion on this one. I can’t speak for everybody else but when I read the story in Rolling Stones magazine I was rather hurt and upset because I was one of those people who supported Rihanna when she was beaten up by Chris Brown. I felt sorry for her bad even though I like Chris Brown I did sort of like he was being a animal and a nasty person for attacking a woman.

Now I know I was not the only one supporting her because she practically had the whole world supporting her and backing her and in a way she has sort of spat our support for her back in our faces. Now I’m not a big fan of Rihanna, I like a couple of her songs but I’ve never really been a Rihanna fan. But that’s besides the point.

She had a lot of celebrities back her up, even till this very day but I guarantee that there not supporting her now.

My question to Rihanna is simply ‘WHY?’. Why chose to go back to someone who has a violent past not only by assaulting you but assaulting others like rapper Drake and R&B singer Frank Ocean. Let me just say this, Rihanna…if Chris Brown assaults you in anyway whether it be physical or emotional, you will not get any sympathy from me. I invested to much time into feeling sorry for you. I understand that you still love him and want to give him another chance but I totally think you went the wrong way about it. Do what ever you want, whatever makes you happy but I’m mot happy that you took him back and that’s why I’m giving you idiot of the week.

You can read the interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stones magazine.


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Idiot of the Week: Chris Brown


Yes Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Chris Brown and you know sometimes I naturally think that Chris Brown thrives off of being a idiot. Now I understand that life in the past 5 to 6 years for Chris has been hard but now your just making life harder for yourself. Now I firstly I wanna let it be known that I like Chris Brown. I think he’s super talented and amazing to look at but I don’t buy the image that he is displaying right now.

It was reported this week that Chris Brown and R&B sensation Frank Ocean got into a physical altercation at a recording studio in Los Angeles. It was reported that Chris jumped Frank and punched him in the face. Frank injured himself within this physical altercation and has hurt two of his fingers which has now prohibited him from performing at the 2013 Grammy Awards in February.

Chris….let me be the first to tell you…..YOU ARE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!!! Stop it. Stop trying to act all Mr. Tough Guy because of what has happened in your past. Yes, you assaulted Rihanna and we all saw the fruits of that labour but that doesn’t mean that you can just go around throwing fists when you want to. Really and truly Chris, you should be throwing fists at people like Jay-Z and Kanye West; two people who threatened to kill your career when you put hands on RiRi. Now if you were really about that life why don’t you step up to them and show them what them fists do considering that they threatened your career rather than put your hands on people who you know are weaker than you.

First you knock the Bajan out of Rihanna, then you throwing bottles at Drake and now you knocking out my little homegirl Frank Ocean. At what point are you gonna stop and knock some sense into yourself? Do you think all of this is making people become afraid of you? Nah boy nah, we ain’t scared of you were laughing at you. You seem like a nice guy so play that role and stop trying to be the tough guy cause you ain’t and that’s a fact.

Chris, you are not about that life and just for your recent actions you are getting idiot of the week!

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Idiot of the Week: Rob Kardashian


Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is going out to the most irrelevant Kardashian; the most useless Kardashian since Kim, Mr. Robert Kardashian. Now unless you’ve been sleeping under a bridge and don’t know or haven’t heard, Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian are OVERRR! Yes, you heard right there over but that’s not why I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’. The reason I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’ is because yesterday he did one of the most childish and pathetic things a man can do when he breaks up with a woman…CRY LIKE A BITCH ON TWITTER!

It was reported that Rita broke up with Rob due to her busy schedule and the long distance relationship thing was too much for her. Now clearly Rob didn’t like the fact that she broke up with him so he took to Twitter to rant about her. He tweeted several times saying things like “you cheated on me with 20 guys, you were in a faithful relationship” and my personal favorite “respect thy self”. Because of Rob’s accusations and tweets, the name ‘Rita Whora’ began trending worldwide on Twitter and hasn’t stopped since.

Now, this is what bugs me about this situation. When your last name is Kardashian you don’t have the right to call somebody else a whore. Your sister Kim invented being a hoe Rob. Firstly Rob you need to remember how your whole family got famous and you wanna talk about ‘Respect Thy Self’! You should be dropping the words on your sister instead of Rita. Rita is a beautiful young woman who is bound to make mistakes. It’s not her fault she cheated on you, it’s yours. Sort it out bro and sort it out quickly.

Shortly after he tweeted those things about Rita he deleted them like the bitch boy that he is. Rob, you clearly need some life advice so imma give you some. GET A JOB AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF RITA. HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF USING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO SHAME RITA, USE IT TO PUBLICIZE YOUR POOR SOCK COLLECTION. LEAVE RITA ALONE!

I got to much love for Rita and so do a lot of other people. Rob is a Kardashian…of course he is gonna pull something like this. That’s what him and his family lives for and that’s why I’m giving Rob ‘Idiot of the Week’. Watch what you say Rob cause you could soon be getting Idiot of the Year.

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Idiot of the Week: Lucy Mecklenburgh

Yes, Idiot of the Week this is going out to TOWIE cast member Lucy Mecklenburgh. You know that saying ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, well it clearly doesn’t apply to Lucy because it seems that all she has been doing over the last couple months is trash talking about Amy Childs. Now, if you live in the UK and have been watching TOWIE since the beginning you would know that they reason why the show is such a huge success is because of Amy Childs and Mark Wright. Now according to Lucy, Amy doesn’t deserve the recognition of making the show a huge hit.

Lucy blasted Miss Amy Childs this week when she was reported saying “there is no space left on the show for Amy to come back. The show as well as the other cast members have moved on since she left back in season 2. Amy coming back will mess up the programme”. That comment alone is the reason why I’m giving Lucy; Idiot of the Week. I don’t understand why she feels the need to bash Amy Childs off. Let’s all be honest, if it wasn’t for Amy the show wouldn’t be a famous and huge as it is today. People like Mark, Lauren G, Amy and Harry made the show. All the fashion and the catch phrases was down to them. Let’s not forget how Lucy first came into the show anyway. She came in as Mark’s sideline girlfriend. Lucy girl, you can not go around talking trash about the originals cause that doesn’t sit down well with anyone.

Not only was she bashing Amy by saying that she doesn’t think she should come back to the show, Lucy also dissed Amy by claiming that Amy’s jewelery line is much cheaper and chav than hers. Lucy you need to remember how you came into the show and who made the show a huge success that it is today. Don’t start trouble Lucy if you can’t finish it. Amy Childs has not yet commented back on the rude comments that Lucy made. I am giving; Lucy Idiot of the Week purely because she is out of order. Simple.

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Idiot of the Week: Kim Kardashian


Yes, Idiot of the Week this week is going out to Kris Humphries wife and Kanye West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I like to live my life by a certain phrase which goes “If I Don’t Know, Then I Don’t Comment”, clearly something Kim K doesn’t go by. Earlier this week Kim tweeted a response about the current war that is taking place between Israel and Palestine. Kim tweeted “praying for everyone in Israel” which followed with the next tweet “praying for everyone in Palestine”. Shortly after tweeting this Kim received a multitude of threatening tweets from angry people all over tweeter. Kim then issued a official statement apology on her website.

Now, I understand that sometimes praying for people when devastating things are happening is okay, HOWEVER when you don’t know what’s actually happening don’t comment! Simply! I bet you Kim was sitting there thinking ‘Oh I’m just gonna tweet about something I clearly know nothing about and people will say nothing’….well you was wrong Kim. I haven’t seen or heard any other celebrity on Twitter talking about the war but yet you think just cause your Kim Kardashian no one will say anything. Also it’s pretty clear that you didn’t write that statement of apology. You ain’t fooling us Kim! And that’s why your getting Idiot of The Week.

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