Idiot of the Week: Lucy Mecklenburgh

Yes, Idiot of the Week this is going out to TOWIE cast member Lucy Mecklenburgh. You know that saying ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, well it clearly doesn’t apply to Lucy because it seems that all she has been doing over the last couple months is trash talking about Amy Childs. Now, if you live in the UK and have been watching TOWIE since the beginning you would know that they reason why the show is such a huge success is because of Amy Childs and Mark Wright. Now according to Lucy, Amy doesn’t deserve the recognition of making the show a huge hit.

Lucy blasted Miss Amy Childs this week when she was reported saying “there is no space left on the show for Amy to come back. The show as well as the other cast members have moved on since she left back in season 2. Amy coming back will mess up the programme”. That comment alone is the reason why I’m giving Lucy; Idiot of the Week. I don’t understand why she feels the need to bash Amy Childs off. Let’s all be honest, if it wasn’t for Amy the show wouldn’t be a famous and huge as it is today. People like Mark, Lauren G, Amy and Harry made the show. All the fashion and the catch phrases was down to them. Let’s not forget how Lucy first came into the show anyway. She came in as Mark’s sideline girlfriend. Lucy girl, you can not go around talking trash about the originals cause that doesn’t sit down well with anyone.

Not only was she bashing Amy by saying that she doesn’t think she should come back to the show, Lucy also dissed Amy by claiming that Amy’s jewelery line is much cheaper and chav than hers. Lucy you need to remember how you came into the show and who made the show a huge success that it is today. Don’t start trouble Lucy if you can’t finish it. Amy Childs has not yet commented back on the rude comments that Lucy made. I am giving; Lucy Idiot of the Week purely because she is out of order. Simple.

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The Only Way is Essex Returns 30th September!


It’s back! The Only Way is Essex or TOWIE as it likes to be called is returning back to our TV screens on Sunday. It seems like just yesterday when the season 6 ended. Joey, Sam, Mario, Lucy, Arg and many more of your favorite characters are returning to bring more fights, drama, arguments and crying back to our screens.

Last series we saw plenty of arguments, lots of shouting courtesy of Gemma, a love confession and Jessica performing her single ‘Dance All Night’. Nobody, not even the cast knows what the future holds for this series but we all have a feeling it will be good!

Although most of your favorite characters are coming back, Lauren G; a TOWIE original wil not be returning as she left the show in the last series to take time off. It has been rumored that Maria Fowler could be returning to TOWIE! Now that would be a bummer wouldn’t it!

Be sure to tune into TOWIE on Sunday 30th on ITV2 at 10pm.

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TOWIE: Bobby Reveals His Love For Charlie, Arg Is Scared That Gemma Might Be Pregnant and Tom P Reveals Jessica’s Text Messages!!!

Usually an episode of The Only Way is Essex can be quit dull and boring however last night’s episode was far from dull. A confession from Bobby, A pregnancy scare from Gemma, A reveal from Tom P and a friendship restored from Lucy and Sam had the UK excited. Last night Bobby revealed to Lydia that he is secretly in love with his bestfriend Charlie. This confession came about when Charlie had not included Bobby in a ‘boys-catching-up’ session with Mario, Ricky, Tom K and Little Chris. Later on when Bobby bumped into Charlie; Charlie revealed that he was planning a boys night out without his bestie friend Bobby. This anger Bobby which lead to a mini argument between Bobby and Charlie.

Then Arg and Lauren G had a brief discussion about pregnancy and Gemma. Lauren G revealed that she was once pregnant for Mark Wright however she had an abortion and that was a hard situation to deal with. Arg expressed his worrying side about Gemma possibly being pregnant. It was strange to see Gemma and Arg engaging in conversation considering that there previous friendship was nothing to go by. Everybody knows that some of the scenes in TOWIE are set up for our entertainment and it is clear to see that this scene was set up.

Then we witness the boys taking Charlie out on a boys night out and to be honest I was rather disappointed. What I thought was gonna be a proper guy’s night turned out to be a few drinks and a kebab. Didn’t really see what Bobby’s fuss was all about. Bobby then decided to take his bottle of cheap wine and Chinese take out to Lydia’s house were after what seemed like 10 minutes of talking he confessed his love for Charlie his bestfriend. This doesn’t come a a surprise since it was quite easy to see that Bobby had some sort of affection to Charlie.

In the mist of all this, Tom P revealed to Joey, Diags and Lauren G that Jessica (who is dating Ricky by the way) has been sending flirty messages to Tom P after it was known that Lauren G and Tom P were a couple. This was the biggest shocker of last night’s episode as previously Ricky revealed to Jessica that he loves her. By the looks of this weeks episode, next’s week look episode looks like it’s gonna be a good one. Will Ricky break up with Jessica for texting Tom P? Will Lauren G confront Jessica about texting her man? Is Gemma pregnant? How will Charlie react to Bobby’s confession?

You can tune into The Only Way Is Essex every Wednesday at 10pm and Sunday at 10pm.

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