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September’s Celebrity Style of the Month: Olivia Blois Sharpe

My celebrity style of the month for this month goes to Jerseylicious star Olivia Blois Sharpe. If you watch Jerseylicious you will know a few things about her and her love for fashion and make-up. The reason why I am giving Olivia the Celebrity Style of the Month for September is because of recent I have been kinda obsessed with Olivia’s Instagram page. If you follow her on Instagram you will see her pictures of her ‘Outfit Of The Days’ and know exactly what i’m talking about. This Jersey princess has style and definitely knows how to dress and style herself. I like to think of Olivia as a fashion guru. Her style is off the chain and that’s why i’m giving her celebrity style of the month!

Olivia’s style is all about gaudy, glitter and leopard print and I love nothing more than a girl who loves her leopard print! From her nails to her spikey shoes, Olivia always has heads turning on screen. She wears the most outrageous and extraordinary things but somehow only Olivia can make it work. Having assessed Olivia’s look I have picked out 3 of my favorite Olivia’s styles.

Our 5 Favorite Olivia Blois Sharpe Fashion Outfits:

1. Olivia’s Gym Outfit

Outfits like this is what makes Olivia extraordinary! Who else do you know would wear this outfit to the gym? No except Olivia. What I love about this outfit is the color co-ordination between the trainers, the leopard tights and the gold belt. A lot of people would disagree but I find this outfit amazing. It seems to me that she has put her own twist on what looks like a 80’s outfit.

2. Olivia’s Burgundy Half Cut Jumpsuit

I like the outfit for the fact that it’s different. The color of the jumpsuit is amazing and Olivia’s wears this outfit so perfectly. The zebra print shoes add that final touch of glam to the outfit. Not forgetting to mention the leopard clutch that she is holding. That’s another thing I love about Olivia. How she can wear both leopard and zebra and not make them clash.

3. Olivia’s Simple and Chic Top and Skirt Look

Olivia doesn’t do ordinary as we all know but this out looks so good. It’s simple. A black top with a orange belt, white skirt and a orange and cream bag. Olivia constantly proves that you don’t have to go all out to look good. Just a simple outfit like this will have all fashionista’s turning there heads! I love this look!

4. Olivia’s Blue Fur Top and a Mini Hair Bun

This outfit is also simple but classic. All black everything except for the top which features a hit of blue fur. This look is amazing because again its simple but perfect. When I look at this picture I feel like I could see something like this in Vogue. The little bun at the top is perfect because it takes doesn’t take the attention away from the outfit.

5. Olivia’s Orange Jumper and Leopard Heels

Out of all the looks that I have chosen, this is my favorite because I feel that the color really brings out Olivia’s face. We all know that Olivia has a love affair with leopard and those shoes are definitely working with this outfit. One of the main things that attract me to this image is Olivia’s hair because I have never seen her hair like this and I have to admit I love it. The whole combination of the outfit works for me and this is one of the best outfits I have ever seen Olivia in.

I love Olivia’s style and see her as a inspiration when it comes to fashion. To me, I would rather take fashion advice off of Olivia than Anna Wintour. The whole combination of Olivia seems right to me. The make-up, the hair and finally the outfit. Congratulations Olivia, hands down you EARNED this month’s Celebrity of the Month!

Make sure you follow Olivia on Instagram to check out her fashion photos. Olivia’s Instagram: ooh_lalaa_livia

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My Leopard Print Obsession!

Everyone who knows me knows 2 things about me 1) I love Hollyoaks and 2) I am obsessed with Leopard Print…in a good way! 🙂 My obsession started a whole decade ago when my mother bought me a leopard print birthday cake for my 8th birthday. I specifically remember that the cake was square and on the top of the cake was the leopard print icing with my name and age done in white icing. I remember telling my mum that I didn’t want to cut or eat the cake because it looked so pretty. Ever since then my amazement with leopard print has grew bigger and bigger. Anything leopard print, I have to have it.

Your probably wondering what this post has to do with entertainment and celebrities, well I’m getting to my point. See last week I saw one of my favourite celebrities Vanessa Hudgens wearing this extremely beautiful leopard print mini maxi dress. I personally thought that she done the dress justice and it looked really summery.

When it comes to celebrities wearing leopard I sometimes can be quiet judgemental about what they wear and how they wear it. For instance Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada was seen wearing a tight fitted dress at Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday party on season 4’s Basketball Wives. As much as I admired the dress I didn’t like the metal diamond studded attachment on her arm. Three years ago Rihanna made a brave decision to mix match leopard print when she wore the red and yellow Dolce and Gabbana dress. Personally I thought that she 100% completely rocked this outfit. It’s really hard to mix to different colours and types of leopard and make it look good. But that’s what Rihanna does best. She takes two things that don’t match and make them look like they were meant to be.

Of recent, I have found that leopard print has been taken to a whole new level. Nowadays you see leopard print everywhere. I used to think that I was weird and different for liking animal print. All my friends in primary and secondary used to think I was a freak because all I would ever go on about was leopard, zebra and cheetah print. My favourite Jersey girls Olivia Blois Sharpe and Tracy DiMarco have also made a small impact on my leopard print obsession. When I first discovered Jerseylicious which is a popular show in America, I realised that I wasn’t the only person in the world who found animal print beautiful. Tracy and Olivia made me want to explore my leopard print adventure even more than before. Whenever me and my sister was given pocket money I would save mine up and buy something that was leopard.


Despite my love for Nicki Minaj, she is without a doubt a leopard print killer. Although her decisions to wear leopard print haven’t always been the best I do admire her decisions when it comes to leopard. Too much leopard can make you like road kill and that’s were Nicki goes wrong.


People usually consider leopard print and zebra print to be trashy but I personally love it. Remember never ever over do leopard. Too much can make you sick and it has been proven many times.

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