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Kanye West Sex Tape Scandal ‘Real’ or ‘Publicity Stunt’???


With a girlfriend like Kim Kardashian it was only a matter of time before her fame/attention seeking antics rubbed off on Kanye West. But what is the meaning behind this sudden sex tape? Kanye doesn’t need attention considering that he is one of the world’s biggest stars. Earlier last week posted a screen grab of Kanye in his sex tape. This caused a frenzy amongst the entertainment industry and has everyone questioning why Kanye would sink this low?

Usually only Z-Listers or celebrities who fame has faded out would make and release a sex tape. I’ll be honest when I first heard that Kanye had a sex tape, my first thought was ‘I bet Kim’s in on this’. We all know how Kim got famous but I still don’t see the logic of Kanye making one. We all know that Kim will do anything for a bit of attention so that’s what made me think that she had forced him to make the tape with her cause we all know of recent her ‘career’ and I use that word lightly, has been fading away.

According to people who have seen the tape, Kim isn’t in it which I find hard to believe. Kanye is said to be very upset by the tape being released. Shame on you Kanye for falling under the Kim Kardashian spell. We all know you have more sense than that! I’m gonna end this article with this question, ‘Do you think the tape is real or a publicity stunt?’. Let me know what you think?

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