Goodbye T4


It’s a sad moment when something you’ve grown up on ends. I feel like my Sunday mornings will never be the same again. No more of Nick Grimshaw and his fabulous quiff, no more of Jameela Jamil and her 10 mile longs legs and no more of Matt Edmondson making a complete and utter fool out of himself as T4 has come to an end. Unfortunately, Channel 4 decided to axe T4.

Today was the last day that T4 graced our screens and I have to say it was really emotional. I woke up early just to watch the final episode of T4 and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Everything seemed to just fit into place and the part of the show that really done it for me was when they played the montage of T4. I was actually in tears.

It was nice to see and hear from some familiar faces from the past like June Sarpong, Vernon Kaye, Dermot O’Leary, Ben Shephard, Alexa Chung, Steve Jones, Miquita Oliver and my favourite Margherita Taylor. I’m extremely sad and hurt that T4 has been axed. What am I gonna watch now on a Sunday morning? There’s gonna be nothing on telly now. Thanks very much Channel 4. I’m gonna miss T4 so much. T4 was my childhood.

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Jameela Jamil Launches Fashion Line With very.co.uk

Everybody’s favourite T4 presenter Jameela Jamil has launched her very own clothing line with very.co.uk. Following in the footsteps of Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby, she personally designed the clothing line herself by adding her own personal stamp to each of the items. Her line consists of crop tops, woolly jumpers, leather jackets, macs and playsuits is designed for all kinds of women; young and older, who have a unique style. You can purchase and check out her clothing line at very.co.uk. Check out the photos from here fashion line below.



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