BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ellie Goulding – Burn

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Rihanna’s 777 Tour – Highlights, Reviews & Videos

As Rihanna’s 777 Tour comes to an end, we would like to take the time to show all you Rihanna fans out there who didn’t get the chance to see her whilst on the tour exactly what you missed out. 7 days ago Rihanna jet setted off on her 777 tour which consisted of the star performing in 7 different countries, in 7 days doing 7 shows. Rihanna invited 150 journalists, bloggers and competition winners to join her on her one week adventure. Kicking off the tour in Mexico City, Rihanna has jetted to Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and London and now her last and final show will be in New York City. Over the last 7 days everyone has been glued to the news as every other day there is a new story being reported from Rihanna’s airplane tour bus. We’ve been following Rihanna’s footsteps whilst on tour and one of our highlights has to without a doubt be that crazy Australian man who ran naked through her airplane! A lot of her fans have said that this has been Rihanna’s best tour yet! Reviewing the tour, it seemed fun and I wish I had the chance as a journalist to join Riri on her 777 tour. Ah, well maybe next! Check out of the footage and videos below:

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