Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: RYLAN WINS CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER!!!!!


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Rylan has done it. Tonight the X Factor star beat out this season’s biggest competition Heidi and Spencer a.k.a Speidi to win Celebrity Big Brother 2013. The final 5 housemates were Claire from Steps, Neil ‘Razor’ Raddock, Heidi and Spencer, Rylan and Ryan Maloney. The first housemate to be evicted was Razor followed by Claire then Ryan and then Heidi and Spencer.

For the past 3 weeks we have seem crying, arguing, threats, laughs, more crying, Razor’s balls, more arguing and Rylan constantly saying ‘ DROP ME OUT’!!!!! Earlier this week Trisha Penrose and Frankie Dettori missed out on the chance of being in the final as they were both voted out in a double eviction.

Speidi have constantly said this week that they were really desperate to win to prove that the public prefer them to popular housemate Rylan. It would seem they were wrong. Very wrong.

It had quite a hard yeat for Rylan. Last year he became possibly the most hated X Factor constant ever but surprising finished in 5th place. It would seem that luck is heading Rylan’s way and it ain’t missing him. Congratulations Rylan for winning Celebrity Big Brother 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire, Heidi & Spencer, Lacey and Rylan Are All Up For Eviction And Face The Public Vote This Week!


Oh yes yes yes! This weeks eviction looks to be a gooden as four celebrities face the public vote this week after a dramatic task which involved Heidi and Spencer. Last week Wednesday, Heidi and Spencer were given a secret task which involved them staging a walkout from the house. They would then move back into the basement which got somewhat of a makeover and spy on the remaining housemates in the house. During this the housemates were unaware that Speidi were watching there every move.

On Friday, Sam was evicted and Speidi returned to the house with one more trick up there sleeve. They had to nominate two housemates who they thought were the dullest. They chose X Factor star Rylan and Steps member Claire. I think we all naturally knew that there was gonna be a massive uproar from this and we weren’t wrong. When Speidi returned to the house they got into several arguments with several different housemates including Rylan, Claire, Trisha, Ryan and a very threatening Razor. Razor got very unpleasant and displayed threatening behaviour which resulted to him getting a formal warning. The argument resorted to Heidi and Spencer being sent to the basement for the time being until everything calmed down.

Unaware to the housemates they were still going to be nominating on Sunday which they did and has resolved with Heidi and Spencer and Lacey joining Claire and Rylan in the eviction this Wednesday. It is unknown whether the eviction will be a double but my money is one Speidi or Claire to go. Who do you think will be evicted?

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Paula Hamilton Becomes The First Casualty of The Celebrity Big Brother House As She Is Evicted!!!!


We all saw it coming. Paula Hamilton was the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night. Paula who was facing the public vote against Heidi & Spencer and Frankie Dettori lost out on a chance to spend another week in the house. It would seem that Paula has somewhat of a psychic sense as she predicted that she would be the first housemate to go. Paula was the bookies favourite to be the first to go beating out Hollywood snobs Heidi and Spencer.

It would seem that in the last couple days Paula’s mental health took a turn for the worst as she started acting weird and erratic. Her fellow housemates Gillian, Rylan and Lacey admitted that they started to witness the signs of her behavior changing and got a bit concerned. Towards the end of the show, we saw Big Brother drop a twist on housemates Heidi and Spencer which involves them completing a secret mission. The secret mission is for them to pretend to leave the big brother house and move into a temporary basement suite for 24 hours. After this they will be able to inflict trouble into the house without any of the housemates knowing. If they pass the mission they will not be included into the next nominations and will also win a prize for the house.

To be honest, I’m glad to see the back of Paula. It just seemed to me that she had to many stories to tell and to be honest she was quite rude. Good riddance!

But who do you think should have gone? Do you think the right person was evicted? Do you think that someone else should have gone? Let us know!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Frankie Dettori, Paula Hamilton and Heidi & Spencer All Face The Public Vote For Eviction This Week!!!


Whoa! It’s been an interesting week in the Celebrity Big Brother. At first it seemed like the house was going to be a bit boring but boy was I wrong. It would seem that Heidi and Spencer are at the root of all the drama and controversy in the house. It seems that Spencer has his guns pointing at Rylan who banished Heidi and himself to the basement on the launch night with Frankie. Ever since then Heidi and Spencer or Speidi as they like to be called have been keeping there distance from all the other housemates especially Rylan.

On Sunday all housemates had to nominate in the first nomination round of the series. All housemates were eligible to vote however none of the housemates could vote for Frankie because he was already facing the public vote after sacrificing himself to face the public vote in order for himself and his basement housemates Sam, Ryan and Neil aka Razor to be released from the basement. Surprise Surprise, Heidi and Spencer received the most nominations (possible of all time) by having 10/10 housemates nomination them meaning they automatically face the public vote. Paula received 4/10 nominations this week ahead of the others meaning that she will also face the public vote this week.

The eviction will take place on Wednesday. You can vote for which housemate you want to save by going to channel5.com, click Celebrity Big Brother and follow the instructions.

Who do you want to go? Heidi and Spencer, Paula or Frankie? You decide!

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Launches Tonight on Channel 5!!!!


It’s about that time again when a couple of D to Z-listers enter the infamous Celebrity Big Brother house and become hot gossip for the next month or so. The rumoured celebrity housemates that are to enter the house are Rylan Clarke from The X Factor, The Hills stars Heidi & Spencer Pratt, Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan, Glamour Model Katie Price, Ex Eastenders star Gillian Taylforth, Actor Ryan Moloney, Steps member Claire Richards and Comedian Jim Davison. We are still unaware of what other celebrities could be entering the house as they have not been mentioned.

The speculation surronding the rumoured housemates has been building up in the last couple weeks. Lindsay Lohan and Heidi and Spencer have all been spotted in London which done nothing but add more fuel to the fire. The bookies have already tipped Rylan Clarke to win The X Factor despite the show not even starting. Last years Celebrity Big Brother had everyone talking with the likes of Jasmine Lennard, Julian Clary, Cheryl Ferguson and Martin Kemp. Julian won last year against all odds.

I’m not quite sure whether I’ll be tuning in this year or not. But who else do you think will enter? Will you even be watching this year?

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