Celebrity Big Brother 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian Is Evicted!

Last night the entire nation was shocked when Rhian became the latest casualty of Celebrity Big Brother. Danica, Mike ‘The Situation’ and Samantha were all saved last night by the public which shocked everyone considering how badly Danica got booed. It was clear that Danica was favourite to go after her latest going ons with Mike ‘The Situation’ and Prince Lorenzo. When Brian spoke live to the house Danica got booed the most and generally everyone thought she was next to be evicted after Cheryl Ferguison. However, Rhian pulled the short straw and became the 3rd evictee. Her reaction shocked everyone also because she seemed so happy to go rather than being upset. I think she was happy to see the back of the Big Brother house as well as Ashley. Of recent the little on and off goings between Ashley and Rhian has caused quite a stir in the house. Ashley who claims his heart was broken also seemed quite please to see the back of Rhian. Later on that night all the housemates had to nominate live in front of each other. The result of that is that Danica, Samantha and Coleen will face the public vote and one of them will be evicted on Friday.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Nominations Revealed!

This weeks nominations were released and to be honest I was’t really surprised. I kind of had an idea of who would be up this week and my predictions were right. Danica, Rhian, Samantha and Mike ‘The Situation’ all face the public vote this week. With all the love-ratting and boyfriend speculating that has been going on it clear to see that Danica, Mike and Rhian are not safe this week. I think Samantha has a 30% chance of being saved only because she hasn’t done anything in the house yet to get it trouble for. Something tells me she is playing it safe!

Danica and all that comes with her has been flirting her way through the house and gaining a bit of a reputation after only being there for a week and a bit. It’s hard to understand who Danica likes considering one minutes she’s flirting with Mike and then Prince Lorenzo. Rhian on the other hasn’t be flirting her bits and bobs everywhere. Unlike Danica, she has been quite boring. I wanna see some blond bombshells kicking off and pulling out each others hair but i’m not getting that with Rhian. He miniature lost fest with Judo fighter Ashley is far from blossoming to say the least.

Mike ‘The Situation’ is definitely in a “situation” right now. One minute he’s all over Danica and next minute he’s slagging her off to the biggest love rat in England MC Harvey. So much for loyalty Mike. I can’t say that this series interests me but then again I can’t say that it doesn’t. I’m 50/50 with this Celebrity Big Brother.

Danica, Mike ‘The Situation’, Rhian and Samantha all face the public vote this week Who do you think will go?

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Cheryl Is Out!

Cheryl is OUT! Ex-Eastenders star Cheryl Fergison was voted off of last nights live Celebrity Big Brother when she lost votes to The Situation, Prince Lorenzo, Coleen Nolan and Julian Clary. I was rather upset when I discovered that Cheryl had got the boot over Prince Lorenzo. To be honest I don’t even remember who Prince Lorenzo is let alone care about him in the house. I am extremely annoyed that Cheryl; one of the most funniest and exciting person in the house has gone and yet someone like Prince Lorenzo; who doesn’t even speak let alone do anything gets to say. Maybe it’s because of his good looks, I don’t know but all I know is that the wrong person went home.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Who’s Going In?

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 is just around the corner and everyone is speculating who could be possibly entering the house. Everyday a new celebrity name gets dropped into the hat of who could be entering the house. Sources close to Big Brother have also dropped a few hints and has left everyone clueless. The rumored celebrities to be entering the house are:

CHERYL FERGISON – Ex-Eastenders actress who played Heather Trott

MC HARVEY – Ex-So Solid Crew Member and Ex-Husband of Alesha Dixon

JANICE DICKINSON – Former Supermodel and Former America’s Next Top Model Judge.

LAUREN GOODGER – The Only Way is Essex star

JULIAN CLARY – Legendary British Comedian

DUANE CHAPMAN (DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER) – The Famous American Bounty Hunter 

JAY GARDNER – Geordie Shore Star

JULIE GOODYEAR – Legendary Ex-Coronation Street Actress

COLEEN NOLAN – Famous for being the band The Nolan’s and being a co-presenter on Loose Women

Judging by the rumored list it looks more like Z-List Big Brother than anything else. I like someone needs to make a suggestion to Big Brother that they actually use real celebrities. Last years Big Brother was definitely something to go by with Denise Welch, Michael Madsen, Nicola McLean and MC Rome. Regardless of who is going into the house nothing entertains me more than seeing celebrities bitch!

Celebrity Big Brother starts next week on Channel 5.

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